I’ve been absolutely loving making videos for Milky Tea Kid music blog, it’s been amazing working with musicians again and the fantastic and talented team at MTK. I don’t want to steal limelight from Clare and her brilliant blog (which you should absolutely follow) so this is just a quick update for now to share one of my favourite pieces of work so far, a live session with Californian musician, Jameson. Please visit MTK to watch the interview I also shot and to read Clare’s round up of the evening here.

We have several new sessions coming up soon, so follow the blog to keep updated!

Jameson performs his track, Let You Be

Autumn/Winter Video Summary

The past few months have been super busy which has been brilliant, but I’ve not really had a chance to reflect back on the work I’ve done until now.

I joined the team at Milky Tea Kid music blog as their videographer which is really exciting, especially due to my love of music and combining music and film. I’ve so far shot one interview and live session with them, with Scottish rapper Brains Mcloud which you can view here. Brains, AKA Gavin Bain, was recently seen in the documentary The Great Hip Hop Hoax, a film telling the story of his rise to fame as part of the hip hop duo Silibil n’ Brains and how the pair conned the music industry into thinking they were American in order to be taken seriously. The project was great fun to work on I’m really looking forward to working more with Milky Tea Kid in the New Year, it felt great to be getting back into shooting music projects.

I’ve only really just taken a step back to look at all the work I’ve made for Lush over the past few months; you can view all thirteen Christmas promotional videos in this playlist here.

In addition to this, the film I made documenting the manufacturing process of the Climate Revolution knot-wrap, created in collaboration with Dame Vivienne Westwood, was released to coincide with the launch.

This was a really brilliant film to make, as a craft geek and fabric lover it was fascinating to observe the entire process, from the weaving and printing of the organic cotton through to the stitching and pressing at the end. From a film-making perspective, it was a great project to be involved in and it’s certainly taught me a lot more about documentary shooting and how best to adapt to the environment you’re shooting in. I’m really happy with a lot of the shots I picked up, especially of the industrial weaving machines and the tiny sewing room in North London.

I’m about to kick off a major project in January which will see me shooting continuously for several weeks, but it will be incredibly exciting to reveal the finished piece! I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings, but if it’s anything like this year it’ll be busy, varied and full of exciting projects.