L’Eroica Britannia

Well, it has been a while since I’ve shared some work on here! Not to say that work has been scarce, quite the opposite in fact; I’ve had the busiest six months of my life and loved every moment. I’ve had a little look back and spring clean of my blog and I’m amazed by (and really proud of) how much my work has grown and evolved over the past year. There’s lots of videos I’ve made this year that I could post, but I wanted to ease back into blogging by sharing this retrospective I made of the various Lush happenings at the L’Eroica Britannia Festival in the Peak District a couple of weeks ago.

I am incredibly lucky that I can create my video content by whichever means is the most appropriate to me and to the brief; generally, that means producing and directing and working with a freelance crew – a lot of the time I also shoot and edit, but it really depends on the project. This time, however, I went right back to my roots and covered every element of the project myself, something I tend to do in my freelance and personal work where things are much more self-contained.

This film was a real joy to shoot and edit, so I hope people get as much enjoyment from watching it as I did from creating it!

Produced, directed, shot, edited, graded and sound recorded and mixed by me.


I’ve been absolutely loving making videos for Milky Tea Kid music blog, it’s been amazing working with musicians again and the fantastic and talented team at MTK. I don’t want to steal limelight from Clare and her brilliant blog (which you should absolutely follow) so this is just a quick update for now to share one of my favourite pieces of work so far, a live session with Californian musician, Jameson. Please visit MTK to watch the interview I also shot and to read Clare’s round up of the evening here.

We have several new sessions coming up soon, so follow the blog to keep updated!

Jameson performs his track, Let You Be