There is nothing really quite like a photograph taken with a Lomo camera, the Holga being my personal favourite. Yes, lomography is very hipster nowadays – just take a look in Urban Outfitters – but hopefully this means that more people are discovering the joys of shooting with these lovely cameras.

The plastic lens and imprecision are all part of the fun of lomo for me – it’s all about experimentation, estimating your focus and hoping for the best! In this digital age where we’re spoiled with instant gratification in photography, it’s exciting to rummage through a freshly developed roll of film and see how your shots turned out. Lomo really is all about trial and error but when you get a beautiful shot it’s worth the effort.

These images were shot with a Holga 120 CFN, using a 35mm adapter for ease of processing. I’ve left them completely untouched to show the true effects of the camera.


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