67 Sleeps..

Working as the in-house videographer of a multinational beauty retailer, it’s been Christmas for my colleagues and I since June! With Christmas comes new products, and for me new products means new videos. I’ve been working on a vast number of different films for the Christmas products, but one of my favourites (and the one that seems to be the most popular with Lush fans, judging by the hits on YouTube) is for Candy Mountain bubble bar.

I’m really proud of how this film turned out; Dave, the presenter, was a natural in front of the camera and I’m particularly thrilled with the images in this video as well.

Like most fellow film geeks, I’ve been virtually weeping with joy for the past 24 hours over the trailer for Wes Anderson’s upcoming film, The Grand Budapest Hotel. Unsurprisingly, it has a cast full of big names, a distintive and utterly charming colour pallette and that exquisite quirkiness that Anderson does so well. It’s not released until March next year, but if the trailer is anything to go by it’ll definitely be worth the wait.


The Mighty Fork

Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting with The Mighty Fork, an incredible new London-based vegan food business. Currently popping up at markets all over the city, the Mighty Fork fill a massive gap in the vegan food market with their inventive and absolutely delicious hot dogs. Yummy tofu weiners are piled with toppings inspired by different cuisines of the world, from sauerkraut to Japanese curry to a spicy beer sauce, and they taste every bit as good as they look!

Yesterday evening, they were keeping hungry East Londoners satisfied at Urban Food Fest in Shoreditch and I tagged along to make a video with them. I’ve been a fan of theirs since they first opened at Venn Street Market in Clapham earlier this summer so making a little film for a business I identify with so strongly was absolutely fantastic.

I’m really thrilled with how the footage has come out and it’s exciting for me to see my own growth as an image-maker. I’m working away on the edit this week, and will share it here once The Mighty Fork have their copy. In the meantime, here are some of my favourite screenshots from the day.

You can try some of these delicious hot dogs for yourself, on Saturday 21st September at Venn Street Market, and then the following Saturday back at Urban Food Fest – and I strongly suggest you do!





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