Diamonds Are Forever

Last night I had the honour of scenting a screening of Diamonds Are Forever as part of the Gorilla Perfume team at Inspace gallery in Edinburgh to celebrate the 50th anniversary of James Bond. Whilst the particular scents I used shall remain a mystery, my good friend and colleague Ericka Duffy, a scent technician with Gorilla, put together an ingenious selection of olfactory delights to convey the film in scent; smokey, woody, tobacco notes to symbolise Mr Wint and flirtatious vanilla for Miss Case to note just a couple. Jonathan Prior provided some aural treats in the form of a Bond-tastic DJ set and Paul Tvaroh of Lounge Bohemia created these amazing – and delicious – gin and tonic ‘diamonds’, so every sense was catered for, even touch in the form of fragranced silk handkerchiefs at a particular moment during the screening. It was a truly fantastic evening with very talented people, one that my senses will remember for a long time to come.


Gorilla Perfume @ The Edinburgh International Film Festival

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of shooting my good friend, Gorilla Perfume scent technician, Ericka Duffy’s multi-sensory interpretation of Sylvain Chomet’s, The Illusionist (2010) as part of New Media Scotland’s Atmosphere screenings for the Edinburgh International Film Festival. I adore the film (I was lucky enough to see it originally at the Cameo Cinema in Edinburgh, a cinema which features in the film) and, having worked with Ericka at last years EIFF, I was very excited to see what tricks she’d pull out this year. She certainly didn’t disappoint; her take on this charming animation included scented bubbles, ultrasonic misters, painting with fragranced paint by sidewalk artist Victor Fraser and miniature wax-sealed bottles of mysterious drinks, blended by mixologist Paul Tvaroh of Lounge Bohemia.

Producer Bob Last introducing the film.

Drinks mixed by Paul Tvaroh which audience members were invited to drink at specific points during the screening.

Victor Fraser’s artwork, created with fragranced paint.

Scented bubbles were blown across the audience.

An enraptured audience.

Ultrasonic misters.